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Theodora - 2023 Release Festival Winner


West Coast IPA






(19) - 1/2 barrels (10) - 1/4 barrels

Stylistic Description

Voted #1 at the East Cost West Coast Beer Fest 2023 - With the piney, resinous profile that we love from the West Coast style in mind, we blended Warrior, Loral, and Ella Hops (Yakima Valley) to a perfect ratio of spice, wood, and citrus. A very simple grain bill focuses on a single, 1960s heritage barley chosen for exceptional flavor, balance and mouthfeel. And finished with one of our favorite, very versatile, yeasts to maintain a clean and crisp experience, and one of which never fails to amplify our goals. The resulting experience is that of a floral & spice fragrance, forward tasting notes of dark fruits with a highlight of citrus. As it travels to the back palate, the experience then transitions to herbals and resinous pine where you'll find the balanced bitter bite you're seeking in an IPA. Overall, a surprisingly complex first sip grabbing your attention turning to a familiar hop joy as she rests on the palate. A careful decision, IBUs were set to 85 for drinkability across the many. And the color just hits our idea of the cozy by the campfire west coast IPA style as a perfect release for the cold season!


Additional Info

Golden Promise Malt, Warrior, Loral, and Ella hops, dry hopped, Kviek yeast

What People Are Saying

FESTIVAL WINNER! Voted best West Coast IPA and voted #1 making it best overall @ East West Beer Fest.

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