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The Story

Lass Haüs Ales is 2 lady brewers enjoying beer and enjoying it with you.

Kris & Amber met in 2013 while working at the same engineering firm. And at first sight, saw the twinkle of beer in each other’s eyes. 

“We connected over many things at that time of our lives, beer and drinking mom’s special sangria recipe while making beer was two of them.” -Amber

Through 2015, while Amber muddled Thai basil into brandy for the special sangria, Kris oversaw the brew day operations making sure they got their additions and boil times right. 

Rewind to 2013, while in college, Amber had already been developing a business plan for a brewery concept. So inspired, her roommate, Theresa, selflessly sponsored Amber’s first 5-gallon homebrew kit. Thank you, Theresa! And the brewers at Black Star Coop supported Amber, welcoming her to shadow them on brew days to get her feet wet, literally, on full-size production brewery equipment. Thank you, Jeff and Andy! 

With a few homebrew days under their belts, Amber shared with Kris her plans to start a brewery. After Kris excitedly expressed, “ME TOO!”, the plan was on. 


“There is not a better human being than Kris. I feel lucky to have such an amazing person as my friend and who wanted to go with me after such a daring plan as a brewery.” -Amber

So in 2014, from 5-gallon batches in a 1,000 sq ft apartment overlooking the river through Austin, TX, borne Lass Haüs Ales in 2016. 

Since Amber’s 2013 business plan previously didn’t garner the investment support needed, they reimagined the start-up to a grassroots approach, grow the brewery with their own resources as they could over time. In 2016, Amber became a first-time homebuyer with the ulterior motive for property space dedicated to growing Lass Haüs Ales. The groundwork (or tile) for the brewhouse was laid in 2018 and since, the two are concept proofing and perfecting their skills and recipes.  Amber luckily landed a few doors down to Southern Heights Brewing Company, where she was fortunate to become friends with and shadow the brewers a time or once, and hose off some mash tun false bottom. Thank you Chris & Austin!


“When you drink our beer, know there is a greater purpose too. Lass Haüs Ales will be a for-profit business sponsoring a non-profit organization one day, that we will also create. Our goal is to help provide community centers and social services to people in underprivileged countries and make the funding sources for the non-profit less of an effort.


We don’t have a tap room right now. You can find us on draft at your local taprooms. And we've also built a space, "Dive Garten", to share with family and friends, and friends of friends. The Dive Garten offers our special batches under testing for market which are FREE to friends. We accept support in anyway someone wants to; some friends have chipped in with their time and manpower, or etched glass mugs for swag (thank you, Larry, Max, and Katelyn). Our most ‘invested’ friends are self-designated taste testers. Making sure the goods are drank is the best help we can get right now. A simple “That’s awesome!” is sincerely appreciated as well.

Text us, follow us on Instagram, come to our events, ask for our beer at taprooms, and hype up to others what’s to come.”

– K & A


Text WEB to 512.548.2717 for all things LHA

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