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Belgian Golden Strong Ale






(1) - 1/2 barrel

Stylistic Description

A perfect balance of spices with a strong ale leaves one to speculate the spices used. A clue may be in the name of the beer. Also perfectly balanced to be very drinkable and decieving in alcohol content.

Additional Info

Belgain saison yeast, ginger, orange peel, vanilla, cinammon, high-gravity, suggested 8 oz pour in LHA glassware available

What People Are Saying

"It's excellent!!!! Had one last night and will be back again!" - @kdizzane

"Feedback is really positive! People like the balance between the spice and the beer, and love that it's a strong beer that doesn't taste like straight alchohol. We've killed off one keg [in under 2 days]." - Matt, bar manager @ Rentsch Brewing

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