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Barmaid - 2023 Release


Pub Ale






(19) - 1/2 barrels (10) - 1/4 barrels

Stylistic Description

A stand out at Texas Craft Brewer's Fest earning requests for production. A great low ABV for that 20 oz beer or several pints at the pub feel. Brewed with malt from the Texas Llano Estacado for the balanced malt character, slightly sweet with notes of honeysuckle and straw support the caramel profiles of added specialty grains resulting in perfect malt and caramel. Hops are mild with pleasant fruit, spice, and earthiness. One might compare this to a light colored English Mild as a medium bodied, and malt and caramel, sessionable beer. Though it's a mash up of our favorite domestic grains, a belgian yeast for added complexity, and noble hops, so we have us a real diverse pub ale to enjoy.


Additional Info

Llano Estacado & Speciatly Malts, Saaz, Styrian and Mandarina hops, neutral Belgian yeast

What People Are Saying

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