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Cowgirl Series - LIMITED








(6) - 1/2 barrels

Stylistic Description

​Cowgirl Series
Ultras ​for the outdoor lifestyle under the sun​. Extra light beers for the summer heat or those that love a lager (though it's an ale). Then we take the 'River Cowgirl' and throw a twist to it, made to your order.
​*Please sample in the order listed.
​Hippie Cowgirl - ​grab a flower crown, lay in the tall grass and connect with your inner prairie child ​in fields of herbal bliss
River Cowgirl - that quintessential, put your feet up, throw it back, and float through the day,​ or the river, kind of beer.
Mountain Cowgirl - because when your conquering an evergreen hiking daydream, your beer should be on​e too. When you want all the piney hydration but not the bitter ​or ABV.


Additional Info

Malt from the Texas Llana Estacado region kilned to maintain the characteristics of the terrior, corn and ultra clean Kveik yeast

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